Refresh API and parent child routing

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I have a bit of functionality where I occasionally need to refresh
documents so I can guarantee queries actually include recent modifications.
Disclaimer, I'm of course aware that this is not a great practice.

I'm using parent child relations and was wondering if I can restrict the
refresh API to the shard where my child documents live with the parentId.
So, I tried.

This fails with a Mapper exception:
POST /myindex/mytype_refresh?parent=myparentId

"error": "MapperParsingException[failed to parse, document is empty]",
"status": 400

This succeeds but simply refreshes all the shards instead of just the shard
I want refreshed:
POST /myindex/_refresh?parent=myparentId
"_shards": {
"total": 10,
"successful": 10,
"failed": 0

same for POST /myindex/_refresh?routing=myparentId

Is there a way to refresh just the shard with the child documents + parent?
It seems to me that refreshing just one shard would be cheaper.


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