Refresh call is getting stuck if merge scheduler runs in between

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Hi ,

I do give a refresh to true in my Bulk request call.
It works fine every time but then when the following logs appear in the
logs , the call get stuck -

[2014-02-04 00:04:36,715][DEBUG][index.merge.scheduler ] [Richard Rider]
[relations][0] merge [_1vl] done, took [1.1m]
[2014-02-04 00:04:48,064][DEBUG][index.merge.scheduler ] [Richard Rider]
[relations][1] merge [_1ye] done, took [1.2m]

I am making this call from inside the rest plugin interface using the
client object given to me in that interface.

I am using ES version .90.9 .
Is this any bug and is there is a work around for this , like disabling
merge scheduler for time being , until i complete indexing.


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