Refresh_interval safety

(Shahar Mor) #1


I know that until the refresh_interval of a specific index passes, the docs are not searchable.

But what happens if during that time until the interval, the node dies? Does the replica also holds the same in-memory docs that are stored until the refresh_interval is reached, and will it be able to continue from the same position? Or are those documents lost?

(Rockybean) #2

The way that elasticsearch prevents documents lost before refresh is translog. You can learn more from here.

The primary and replica handle documents by themselves. It means that the in-memory docs might be different at the same time but finally it'll be the same.

(Shahar Mor) #3

So if I set refresh_interval to 10m, and the primary node for the index goes down after 5m, the docs that were indexed during those 5m will still exist

(Rockybean) #4

Of course. Because you have replica node to hold all the documents. Every document will recover from replica node when primary node restarts.

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