Refresh interval setting on old indices


If refresh interval on an old unchanging index/ indices is set to 5s, does refresh still happen for the index/ indices every 5 seconds ? Will changing the refresh interval setting to 30s on old indices improve performance ?

What happens if we set refresh interval to -1 on old indices that never change ?


Not likely as they are, usually, finished reading.

Then it will never refresh.

If it never refreshes what will be the impact on an index that never changes ?

Technically, nothing.

But if nothing changes, then leaving it to refresh, even at a longer period, incurs no cost and has no real downside. So you're probably better off leaving it on.


And what if the index was still being read, in order to generate long term reports?

Reads would only care about refreshes if there is data waiting to be flushed, ie if the index is being written to.

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