Refresh on 1.4.0 not working as expected

Hey guys,
We're testing ES 1.4.0 from 1.3.2. I'm noticing some strange behavior in
our clients in our integration tests. They perform the following logic.

Create an the first index in the cluster (single node) with a custom
default dynamic mapping

Add 3 documents, each of a a new type to the index. egg, muffin, oj

Perform a refresh on the new index

Perform a match all query, with the types egg, muffin, and oj. I receive
not responses

Perform the same query above again, I receive responses, and I receive all
documents consistently after refresh.

This only seems to be an issue when the following is true. On subsequent
tests, I don't see this behavior.

  1. Its the first time refresh is called on the first index created in the
  2. The index uses default type mappings

If I roll back to 1.3.2, I don't see this. I haven't tried 1.3.5. Has
something changed internally on index refresh? Note that we use the
refresh operation sparingly and mostly in rare admin functions of our
system, or in integration testing. We rarely use this in production.


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