Refresh parameter in reindex api


I want to understand what 'refresh' parameter do in reindex api, how it helps while reindexing huge index. Can you please clarify using examples how it is different from the 'refresh' used in Bulk Indexing. Following is the one where refresh is used in Bulk indexing:

PUT /twitter/_settings
"index" : {
"refresh_interval" : "-1"

thank you


please format your messages when using code snippets. You can use markdown in here and it will greatly improve the ability to read your snippet - which will increase your changes of getting an answer.

The refresh parameter in the reindex API will ensure that every index your are reindexing into will be refreshed at the end of the reindex operation. See

This is similar when using refresh in the bulk API.

Your code snippet however contains the refresh interval, which is a different thing, as it configures how often a refresh should be executed in the background while new documents are indexed.


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