Refresh sync or async?

(Alex G) #1

Hi, i don't understand how it should work. It doesn't matter what value the 'refresh' param have (true, wait_for), but right after _delete_by_query the search request get all the deleted documents. It's a bug or feature?

(Russ Cam) #2

Are you also waiting for the completion of _delete_by_query i.e. specifying wait_for_completion=true? If you're not, then the operation will be running asynchronously. If you need to ensure that a subsequent search request does not retrieve documents that will be deleted, you can either

  • specify wait_for_completion=true and refresh=wait_for and wait for the delete by query to finish before issuing the search request


  • issue the delete by query request with refresh=wait_for and monitor the status of the operation with the Tasks API, issuing the search request after it has finished

(system) #3

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