Regarding cluster.routing.allocation.disk.include_relocations


I have a confusion regarding the setting

cluster.routing.allocation.disk.include_relocations => Defaults to true, which means that Elasticsearch will take into account shards that are currently being relocated to the target node when computing a node’s disk usage. Taking relocating shards' sizes into account may, however, mean that the disk usage for a node is incorrectly estimated on the high side, since the relocation could be 90% complete and a recently retrieved disk usage would include the total size of the relocating shard as well as the space already used by the running relocation.

So if I have 100 gb disk and I have set the high watermark as 90% which means after 90GB shards will be reallocated. Now let us say the current disk usage is 80GB and I give a command to migrate a 7GB shard to this node. When 5GB of the shard is transferred, the disk usage will be calculated as follows: 80GB (Existing) + 5GB(transferred) + 7GB (entire size of the shard being transferred) = 92GB. Does that mean at this stage ES will start relocating some other index from this shard, since it has breached the high watermark?

Anyone who'll be able to help in clearing this?


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