Regarding Curator

Hi, How to send the snap shots to an external location like in es quer we do :-

1: $ curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/_snapshot/my_backup' -d '{
"type": "fs",
"settings": {
"location": "/mount/backups/my_backup",
"compress": true

How to Specify the location in curator?
Also Is there an option to Archive Snapshots in curator?

This command only creates a repository. This requires that the path /mount/backups/my_backup be mounted on all nodes. It also requires that all master and data nodes have /mount/backups/my_backup in their respective Elasticsearch.yml configuration files, and restarted after that.

Once those conditions are met, all you'd have to do is specify repository: my_backup in the options section of a snapshot action in a Curator action file. An example of this is in the examples in the official documentation.

If you mean by this, "Is there a way for Curator to also move snapshots to some other kind of long term storage?" the answer is no. There are many and diverse ways to achieve what you want, but those are beyond Curator's scope.

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