Regarding porter stemming solution

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Hi All,
I came across Shay Bannon's solution, for enabling porter stemming
while indexing, at the gist- . I have
one more issue for which I have not been able to solve and need help
on this please. How do I enable the stemming on all the fields? In the
example given in the gist, stemming happens on title field only.
Basically, when I construct my search query using XGET, I would like
to give q=fight instead of q=title:fight and I would like stemming to
work on the former case. The gist mentions this "searching on _all
will not do anystemming, unless also configured on the mapping to be
I tried the following but didn't work:
curl -XPUT localhost:9200/local -d '{

"settings" : {

    "analysis" : {

        "analyzer" : {

            "stem" : {

                "tokenizer" : "standard",

                "filter" : ["standard", "lowercase", "stop",






"mappings" : {

    "article" : {

        "dynamic" : true,

        "properties" : {

            "_all" : {

                "type" : "string",

                "analyzer" : "stem"






I changed the title field to _all field, but it is not working. Would
appreciate help here.


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