Regarding timestamp in Kibana

Currently when I try to plot a pie chart, the timestamp per day comes in mili-seconds format.

When I click on it, it shows the date though.

I want to show the date itself in the first part.
I have tried mapping as a date and specifying format explicitly, also tried using Kibana's UI to change date format/type from index pattern settings. What do you think is the issue here?

To be more specific, I want this kind of output:

Here I want the date/day of the week, below the donut.

Hey @kartikcr
can you please specify which version of Kibana you are using?
I've just tested on 7.2 and seems to be fixed.

Also could you please send a screenshot of the current chart configuration? I'd like to see the type of aggregation and field you are using right now for that.

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