Regarding Upgrade from 2.x to 5.x


As I understand it, snapshot repos get upgraded as part of the upgrade to 5.x. Does this mean that 2.x snapshots in that repo can be restored into the now 5.x cluster? Also, what will happen to fields with conflicting types? Will they be dropped?
I'm asking in the context of indices that we might drop during upgrade due to mapping conflicts and which we would then want to restore. Unfortunately, due to dynamic mappings and ill-defined log formats we can't be 100% sure that some rogue mapping type conflict might appear prior to the upgrade.



Do I need to provide any further information? It would be extremely helpful to have an answer to this before we upgrade.


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Hi Dawiro,

yes 2.x snapshots will be restored in 5.x.
can you use the interactive migration tool, to find steps that you need to follow.



The version of elasticsearch we're running (2.1.2) doesn't give us all of the features of the migration tool.


What I'm concerned about is not whether it's possible to restore a 2.x snapshot. But rather, I'm conerned that if we remove an index to complete the upgrade what will happen when restoring an index that contains fields with clashing types. My hope is that they'll be dropped allowing the rest of the index to restore..?

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I would recommend upgrading to the Elasticsearch 2.4 so you can use the migration plugin, before moving on to Elasticsearch 5.x.

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