Regarding visualization created for status code monitoring

We have created visualization for status code monitoring, for 15 days its showing 99.99 % and for 30 days' timeframe it is showing 100. query is that why it's not showing other status code rather than 401 and 400.

Hi @vaishnavi1

if you open the top right "Inspect" panel do you see other status codes with meaningful values in there (more than 0) in the table?

No , if I open the inspect panel it showing only two status code 400 and 401.

What other status code are you expecting other than those?

Opening the dataView within Discover can you see other status codes within that time window?

Actually, for if I put time frame as 15 days then it is showing 99.99% and if I put time frame 30 days its showing 100% as shown in screenshot, that means 1 other status code is coming that's why its showing 99.99% then for 30 days how it is showing 100%.
So, it should show other status code also which is coming in 15 days' timeframe.

The best way to investigate this is to check the Inspector for both time frame and see what is returned by Elasticsearch itself. The visualization too sits on top of that response and doesn't adding anything more to that.

As u informed, I investigate in inspect with both timeframe for 15 days and 30 days. for both timeframe it is showing three status code that is 400.401 and 502. but for 15 days its reflecting in pie chart and as I am increasing time frame up 30 days it's not reflecting in pie chart. for 30 days it is showing 100%. why is this happing?

What data do you have on the inspect table for 30 days?

It is showing 3 status code 401, 400 and 502.

What values do they have?

we have created two pie charts for two different payment URL. For 30 days' timeframe it is showing 100% in pie chart, as we go into inspect it showing three status code 400, 401 and 502 but it not reflecting in pie chart. also, if we do in data table format it is showing 0.01 %. its reflecting in data table but not in pie chart.