Regex and Scripted fields help

I am trying to extract bitcoin address from eml body that are indexed into elasticsearch.

I am trying to use a scripted field for it with the following script:

if (!doc["emlBody.keyword"].empty) { 
def m = /(: )([1,3]{1}[a-zA-Z0-9]{25,34})/.matcher(doc["emlBody.keyword"].value); 
if (m.matches()) { return } 
else { return "no match" } 
else { return "NULL"}

However, after checking my data it seems that I rarely enter the first if section, and just get "NULL" results, when i should have at least a "no match" or the correct bitcoin address.

I am a bit lost, just not certain why this doesnt work.

you can try and switch to this check for empty email body: if(doc["emlBody.keyword"].value !=null) I've found it works best.

Yes, I tried, but no luck.

if i use the "emlBody" field after setting fielddata=true i get a more expected results, I get "no match" results instead of "NULL" so it does mean i am entering the if statement, but my regex doesnt seem to pickup.

Hi camay123
Could you share the format of the emlBody field so we can check your regex expression?


The Field as a Type and Format of String.

I believe this regex would be more appropriate for bitcoin address:

(: )([13][a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{25,34})

However, both should work, but are not. Here is the part of a sample email:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent sit amet imperdiet elit. Donec sapien orci, rutrum id odio quis, dictum facilisis velit.
Aliquam auctor pulvinar sapien. Ut ut mi fermentum, tempor ex sed, ultricies tellus: 1K8TqsB2C1iY8qdGqhnHfgen3uE8GBU7c8 
Aliquam nunc purus, porta non rutrum id, luctus consequat tortor. Maecenas sollicitudin mi vel nisi ultricies, eget blandit mauris feugiat. Fusce et porttitor sem.

I forgot to ask: did you activate regex in your elasticsearch.yml file?

script.painless.regex.enabled: true

yes I Did add this line in my yml file and then restarted ES

is their a way to confirm this is active ?

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