Regex for path command


Apologies for a newbie question.

I want to store data from a log file withe a name like ctc-2016-09-30.0.log but in the same directory there are many other log files I don't want, including one that is called ctc-metrics-2016-09-30.0.log.
I can'f find a way of getting the one I want and not getting the one I don't.
Are the patterns on the File - Path command a subset of regex as the ones I have tried seem not to work, and anything I try seems to include both logfiles?

Thanks for any assistance.

The file input's path option lists filename patterns, not regular expressions. To select ctc-2016-09-30.0.log but not ctc-metrics-2016-09-30.0.log you could e.g. use ctc-????-??-??.*.log in your pattern.


That's brilliant, thanks for your help.