RegEx for URI field

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Regular expression to search all the documents with following URL ( have shown 3 docs here)

@fields.requested_uri: "/services/chinesedrugcontent/drugTopics/3492/json"
@fields.requested_uri: "/services/chinesedrugcontent/drugTopics/434/json"
@fields.requested_uri: "/services/chinesedrugcontent/drugTopics/3393422/json"

Search Queries

Qeury 1: Using double quotes ""
@fields.requested_uri: "/services/chinesedrugcontent/drugTopics/3492/json"
Return: All the documents consisting of exact URL as mentioned in the query

Query 2: Using forward slash //
@fields.requested_uri: /services/chinesedrugcontent/drugTopics/3492/json/
Return: All the documents consisting of terms mentioned in the query like services, chinesedrugcontent etc

Query 3: RegEx
Form 1: Using ""
@fields.requested_uri: "/services/chinesedrugcontent/drugTopics/[0-9]+/json"
Form 2: Using //
@fields.requested_uri: /services/chinesedrugcontent/drugTopics/[0-9]+/json/
@fields.requested_uri: /services/chinesedrugcontent/drugTopics//[0-9]+//json/

Returns: Nothing , none of the above 3 queries works

How to use regex in Kibana? Details given is the following page is not working for some reasons

As per above link, To use reserved keywords as literally, escape it with a preceding backslash or surround it with double quotes. For example:

@ # renders as a literal '@'
\ # renders as a literal ''
"" # renders as ''

Kibana doesn't allow for regex queries. That guide is for regex queries when sending direct requests to ES. For kibana syntax look for KQL and/or Lucene search syntax.

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