Regex in filter plugin not working


I'm trying to tag one host by using syslog5424_host but it's not matching anything.

First, can I tag syslog5424_host? if yes can I use it directly in the output section and forward it to the destination instead of first tagging and then by using tag send it to the destination?

filter {
  if [syslog5424_host] = ~ /^ {
    mutate {
      add_tag => ["Prod_Auth"]

The string I'm trying to match :

Have you tried removing the parentheses around the three periods?

Yeah I did

I tried this as well : ^* its matching in ruby regex tester but not in logstash

If you use

output { stdout { codec => rubydebug } }

what does that field look like?

How do I see stdout in terminal?

If you are running as a service then you could try using a file output with a rubydebug codec.

I got it working I was forget to escape period

here is the working regex


But period in a regexp matches anything, including a period. It has to be the change at the end of the regexp that fixed it.

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