Region map of human body?

I'm working on a medical application and would like to display a visualization like a Region Map, but of the human body. Based on the documentation it looks like the Region Map control is specifically for geographical maps. I'm guessing I would need to write my own plugin to do this. It seems like the functionality would be similar. Thanks.

That sounds neat, @thomasneirynck any recommendations?


Yes, it is specifically for geo-data, but your request is not unusual and people have used the region-map for non-geographic visualizations before.

The only restrictions is that your end user would be OK with having the areas of that human body be projected with a web-mercator projection. If your areas are small enough, the distortion is likely acceptable.

You will need a geojson file of the human body, where each feature in that collection represents an area on the body. The coordinates for those shapes need to be lat/lon. In the human body case, these will be "fake" of course and in an arbitrary reference system. You need a domain where all coordinates fall in between [-180,180] for X and [-90,90] for Y. You can hide the background layer by using a dummy custom base layer. e.g. something like{x}/{y}/{z}.png

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