Region Map OR Map in Kibana doesn't show India Region correctly

Hi Team,

I have created a visualization to show the number of hits coming from different regions using Maps visualization available in Kibana.

Map is not showing India correctly, it has POK(Pakistan occupied Kashmir)
How to resolve this issue,kindly give your inputs.

attached is the screenshot for reference

Hi @RamyaGowda, you have two different options, both based on you providing a different world countries dataset that conforms to your requirements:

  • If you want to keep using the old region map visualization you can add your own dataset in the Kibana configuration with the map.regionmap key to have it available in the interface. More details in the docs
  • or you can move to Elastic Maps, where you can directly upload your dataset in GeoJSON format, and then use it to do a term join with your business data based on a common identifier

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Thanks for the reply @jsanz,

Please help me with what is the coordinate range i have to modify/add to cover Kashmir in India Region.


I'm afraid I don't understand.

As I mentioned in my answer, you need to provide your own geospatial dataset that adheres to your requirements, as the dataset provided by EMS is not fulfilling them.

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