Region Maps dosn't show anything

Hi, guys, I will try to plot my database in kibana.
Hi have in my CSV file lat and long and I previously set it, to works fine with a coordinate map.

Now I would like to show my CSV and total of cases in the region map.
I found an explanation in the elastic page so I copied the conf code in kibana.yml like this.


- name: "Brazilian States"
url: "/home/sirox84/elk-local/br_muns.geojson"
attribution: ""
- name: "STATE_NAME"
description: "State Name"

in kibana show me:

But I still don't understand how it could work.
Can you explain me better?
Thanks a lot

Layers need to be made available via a webserver, you can't use a file at this stage.


The location of the geojson file as provided by a webserver.

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