Registering an Analyzer

in v 2.3.5 of Elastic, I could register a bespoke Analyzer using this code, but in v5.2.2 the class
org.elasticsearch.indices.analysis.IndicesAnalysisService has been removed.
What's the current way, using the java api, to register a bespoke analyzer chain ?

import org.elasticsearch.common.component.AbstractComponent;
import org.elasticsearch.common.inject.Inject;
import org.elasticsearch.common.settings.Settings;
import org.elasticsearch.index.analysis.AnalyzerScope;
import org.elasticsearch.index.analysis.PreBuiltAnalyzerProviderFactory;
import org.elasticsearch.indices.analysis.IndicesAnalysisService;

public class XAnalysis extends AbstractComponent {
    public static String name = "a_name";

    public XAnalysis(Settings settings,
                                     IndicesAnalysisService indicesAnalysisService) {
                new PreBuiltAnalyzerProviderFactory(name, AnalyzerScope.INDICES,
                        new XAnalysis()));

Have a look at:

Is that what you are looking for?

That looks like it might just be it, thanks !

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