Regular ELK stack on AWS

I am using a traditional ELK stack on AWS with the below Architecture:

AZ1: 1x Logstash (ALB+ASG) AZ2: 1x Logstash
AZ1: 3x Master Nodes AZ2: 2x Master Nodes
AZ1: 2x Data Nodes AZ2: 2x Data Nodes
AZ1: 1x Kibana (ALB+ASG) AZ2: 1x Kibana

ALB: Application Load Balancer
ASG: Autoscaling Groups

Is the above combination recommended ? Should I be using a ALB or a network load balancer ?

To send logs to Logstash should I use RSyslog(for linux) and or Beats( for Windows) ? or is this really not a mandatory requirement ? If not how will the logs be sent to Logstash ?

What is a coordinating node ? in the above combination is a coordinating node required ?

Could anyone share some ELK architectures on ELK ?

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