Reimporting data at the start of a project

Have just finished the proof of concept (and learning) stage of ELK 7.12.1 installation.

At the moment we are using a relatively simple filebeat->logstash->elasticsearch->kibana set up.

During that process, I made some errors in my logstash config files which means our first, default, index, has not only imported things in ways that I don't want, but unforced errors on my part means some very weird entries filled with unicode have crept into that index.

There isn't much data - less than 10GB.

Now that I have a logstash pipeline that I am happy with - and can see working as I want - I'd like to reimport all the original data. I've looked at reindexing, but the mistakes I made seem to have made some horror errors and given how small the data set is, I'd like to reimport.

What's the best method for doing this? I can't see anything specific about the reimporting of data.

I presume one method would be to nuke the initial index and restart all filebeat clients but I was wondering if there was something less dramatic?

Reimporting is the same as indexing from scratch.

That's the best option, given the changes that you have made to the ingestion pipeline.

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