Reindex after adding char_filter

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Hello everyone!

I can't understand do I need to reindex documents after adding char_filter
to existing analyzer or not. My experiment shows char_filter starts to
work without reindex and this is surprise for me. Can anyone explain how
it works please? Here are steps of my experiment, I use ElasticSearch

  1. Configure analyzer:

test1 :
tokenizer : standard
filter : [lowercase]

  1. Add thousand of documents to index:

{"name": "apple 0"}
{"name": "apple 1"}
{"name": "apple 2"}
{"name": "apple 999"}

Field "name" is analyzed by analyzer "test1".

  1. Add mapping char_filter to analyzer and restart ElasticSearch. This is
    char_filter configuration:

char_filter :
type: mapping
mappings: ["a=>b"]

  1. Query with text "bplle" returns results (and "apple" too)!

"query": {
"match": {
"name": "bpple"

Moreover, when I remove char_filter from analyzer it continues to find
"bplle" but stops find "apple". This confuses me too.

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