Reindex data into smallers index


I'm looking to aggregate index data to new smallers indexes. I will try to explain myself quickly :

I'm getting CPU infos every 30 seconds in A-Index pour real time monitoring. After a week, i would like to get those CPU infos of the week, but only every 10 minutes by calculating the mean, because i don't need that much precision anymore. So i would like to store those 10 minutes period infos in an B-Index to keep those important infos, and to lower the size of my index at the same time.

I would like to add that i went on topics about reindex, but from A-Index to B-Index, people had the same size and im not looking for this. Otherwise, i'm sorry for my bad english, i hope i was clear and you will be able to help me.

Have a good day.


Hi @LuigiDelavega,

using rollup sounds like the best fit. Unfortunately it is still in experimental status, so depends on your appetite for using experimental features.

Hi @HenningAndersen,

Thanks a lot for your answer, i will try them soon and keep you informed if u want. Do you know approximatively when it will be known if this option will be staying or not in the stack ?


Hi @LuigiDelavega,

there is a meta issue for rollup here, I would encourage you to follow the progress on that.

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