Reindex data on the php

php client has functions for reindex data like ruby

Nope, it doesn't currently. Sorry :pensive:

There are helpers for constructing scan/scroll iterators contributed by a community member, which would handle most of the complexity of'd just have to construct bulks to do the actual reindexing part.

If you (or anyone else!) wants to work on a reindexing helper, I'd be more than happy to merge it!

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This is solution
is stable?

I have no idea to be honest, it's not part of the official Elasticsearch client code, so we don't maintain it or verify that it still works. I suspect it still works, since backwards compatibility breaks don't happen often...but you'd have to test it out to be sure :smile:

Both the official Python client and Perl client have reindex helpers, which are officially supported and maintained.

Can i make php client for reindex data?
Ou php client has necessary functions for this?

Yes, the PHP client can do it. A reindex API is just the combination of:

  • Scan/scroll API to get all your data
  • Bulk indexing to re-insert the data into a new index

The PHP client (and all other ES clients) have this functionality as independent APIs. Some clients, like python and perl, have a "helper" which wraps the two APIs together so you have to write less code. But they aren't doing anything special.

Reindexing is just taking a document and indexing it into a new index, using basic ES functionality.

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I see now that there's a reindex endpoint in the php API.
All seems clear except the :

`['body']   = (array) The search definition using the Query DSL and the prototype for the index request (Required)`

I want to change the mapping of some fields in the index (string->nr), can this method help me ?

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