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Is there anyway to reindex the data and create a new field, from the data in the documents. For example, reindex an entire index and create a new field Hour(number) from a date type field(YYYY-mm-dd, HH-mm-ss). I Know that Lucene has an expresion for this(doc['@timestamp'].date.getHourOfDay()), but can this be used to create a new field when you reindex?

I need this new field for a search query and the scripted fields can't be used for this, the alternative is using a script on the query but it can be bad for the search time if the number of documents searched continue to increase.

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There is an example of using reindex to modify the document in the docs here. It changes the name of a field but you can use the same script construct to do what you want to do. I suspect the script looks something like "script": "ctx._source['timestamp_hour'] = ctx._source['@timestamp'].getHourOfDay(). You are right that it will be much better at search time to use this new field. Watch the time zone, btw. I believe the hour that you get in this case is UTC.

You could also do this with _update_by_query because it just introduces a new field which is a change you can do on an existing index. You'll end up with deleted documents in your index but merge should remove them in time. Not all of them, but a bunch. That might be easier to deal with depending on what you are doing.

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