Reindex debuging


I'm going through some of troubleshooting for reindex process by bulkprocessor

Under that proc

Failed to execute bulk request. Reason: <mark></mark>: 8,000 milliseconds <mark>timeout</mark> <mark>on</mark> <mark>connection</mark>

bulkprocessor request has set up below config

                .constantBackoff(TimeValue.timeValueMillis(8000), 3));
        "refresh_interval" : "60s",
        "number_of_shards" : "3",
catalog-202302020058032 p STARTED 10161485   18gb elastic-master-2
catalog-202302020058032 r STARTED 10161485 17.8gb elastic-master-0
catalog-202302020058031 p STARTED 10058481 17.8gb elastic-master-2
catalog-202302020058031 r STARTED 10058481   18gb elastic-master-1
catalog-202302020058030 r STARTED 10064472 18.1gb elastic-master-0
catalog-202302020058030 p STARTED 10064472   18gb elastic-master-1

from the trace capture by dynatrace I saw that respone time is ~8,8s so it's a little behind an expectation.
But I need to know what was happened on elasticsearch side because I'm getting such 52 attempts of timeout and all the new dates have been uploaded to elasticsearch even I didn't find any retry. why???? How can I debug that process?

yes and this is so clear for me because below condition doesn't match
(e instanceof RemoteTransportException && ((RemoteTransportException)e).status() == RETRY_STATUS && this.backoff.hasNext())

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