Reindex failed



I tried to run a reindex on a big index, but it failed with the reason of - node is not available.

I seperated the reindex to several reindexes with prefix query on spesific field, so it will go faster.

I can see that the node was up and running all the time, so i dont understand the reason of the failure.

The cluster is big, and the index has 120 shards, with the size of 2.5 tb.

This is the second time it failed. How can i make this more stable?


(Nik Everett) #2

Reindex will fail if the node that it is reindexing from goes down. Don't restart nodes while you are running it. Use smaller batches. That sort of thing.

(David Turner) #3

The failure should be recorded in the Elasticsearch log. Look for messages at around the time of the failure, on all involved nodes (including master nodes). If you need help interpreting these messages, please share them here (along with any attached stacktraces).

(system) #4

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