Reindex fails on array formatted geo_point

I'm trying to perform a reindex with only subtle mapping changes. One those changes doesn't apply to a field with the type of geo_point.

In the existing index, the mapping is

{MapCoordinate : {"type":"geo_point"}}

In the destination index, the mapping is

{MapCoordinate : {"type":"geo_point"}}

The form of the data in the existing index is:

"MapCoordinate": [ -90.874886, 37.917992]

However, when performing the reindex operation, all elements fail with

	"index": "xyz",
	"type": "thetype",
	"id": "theid",
	"cause": {
		"type": "mapper_parsing_exception",
		"reason": "failed to parse",
		"caused_by": {
			"type": "parse_exception",
			"reason": "geo_point expected"
	"status": 400

The documentation @
states that [lon,lat] is totally valid format for geo_points.

Any thoughts on a work around? This seems like a bug to me. I have no way to tell, but a suspect if my property were in the form of

"MapCoordinate": {lon: -90.874886, lat:37.917992}

I wouldn't be having this problem.


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