Reindex from 5 to 6 to remove _type


I'm trying to basically follow the instructions here Dec 15th, 2017: [EN][Elasticsearch] Going from multiple types to one type with the Reindex API except that I'm using "_doc" instead of "doc" as that seems to be preferred now. I'm using a template with dynamic mapping for both the source and dest indices. When I run the reindex I get an error like "Field [field] misses required parameter [scaling_factor]". "scaling_factor" is required for both 5.x and 6.x indices so I don't know how the docs could be in the 5.x index or how only a couple of the nearly 1000 documents processed could have an error.

Any thoughts?

I think you're running into a problem with an index template or dynamic template. The new index that you're creating is trying to map some fields as a scaled_float, without specifying the scaling_factor. You will need to fix your index template or dynamic template first.

As to why you get this error with v6 and not v5 indexes - I don't know. Maybe Elasticsearch has become more strict for v6 indexes.

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