Reindex Java API in 5.6.3

Currently I'm using 1.x elastic search. I want to migrate the data to 5.6.3 directly. I saw reindex from remote is an option. But is there any java api to do reindex from remote in 5.6.3? or via curl is only way?? I'm unable to find doc related to that

Why do you think you would need to do that from Java code?
It's more an admin task to me...

Anyway, here is a sample code I wrote which does similar thing (not the remote part though - but you should be able to adapt it I think):

ok.. I have to migrate to 5.6 from 1.x, but I cant have two cluster boxes, I would prefer to do migration in the same box,isn't it possible by any other means?

Doing that from Java code and having only one machine is not related. I don't understand.

Sorry for not being clear. Forget java code. I want to migrate from 1.* to 5.6.3 elasticsearch. I cant afford having another elasticsearch box as mentioned in " reindex-from-remote " here. Is there any other way for direct migration?

If you have enough disk space and system resources to run two nodes with different versions on the same host you can do that and use reindex from remote.

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