Reindex Python API timeout

I am using reindex api in python with wait_for_completion = True. But when I run the script, it gives me a timeout error (maybe because it waits for min(default timeout period, time for reindexing) ) and returns. And it also returns without outputting the task id. The issue I am facing is that I need to repeatedly check the number of documents that have been reindexed to make sure everything is going fine. What I need is that I get to know when any error in reindexing occurs.
This purpose was served when I tried reindexing using curl from the command line. Is there a way to get the same behaviour in the python script (one way is to execute the curl command in python code).

You should probably put python in the title of this post to help people that know the python client find it.

Where can I see the logs for the reindexing process?

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