Reindex with sub set of properties

Hello everyone,

I'm a little blocked while trying to reindex from an old index into a new
I got two questions please :

  1. We can reindex the whole index from one to another, but if the new index
    contains only a subset of properties in the old index (typically if we want
    to modify the mapping of the old index by deleting one or several
    properties), do we have some solutions for that?
    In fact, we can use the following script to get all existing records, but
    how can i tell ES to only extract a subset of the properties instead of the
    whole list?

GET _search?scroll=1m
"query": {
"match_all": {}

  1. Another problem is, if in the old index, more than one type exist,
    instead of reindex the whole index, can we just reindex data from an old
    type to a new type (in the same index)?

Thank you very much.
(Appreciate if you can also give me some snippets of code)

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