Reindexing a document of size > 100mb

I am trying to do a remote reindex a document which is of size >100mb but it is failing with the below exception

error={type=illegal_argument_exception, reason=Remote responded with a chunk that was too large. Use a smaller batch size., caused_by={type=content_too_long_exception, reason=entity content is too long [185463385] for the configured buffer limit [104857600]}}}

I even tried increasing the http.max_content_length to 500MB but still, it is failing with the same exception. Is there any way to increase this limit or is there any workaround to reindex such documents.

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Let's start by verifying that it is applied correctly: Can you post the relevant output of the query GET /_cluster/settings?include_defaults=true please? This isn't a dynamic setting and must be set in the YML configuration on all hosts.

BUT the bigger question is why you need this. A single document with more than a 100MB sounds like something is very wrong. I'd strongly suggest to restructure your data instead of changing the setting, which is generally a good protection for your cluster.

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Hi xeraa,
I have attached the response of the settings call here.

I understand that documents of size 100 MB is not advisable. But when we have docs like 10-20MB, we are forced to use the batch size less than 5 during bulk reindexing. With this batch size, reindexing a huge index takes more time. So we wanted to increase this 100MB limit to a reasonably bigger number. Please advise

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