Reindexing multiple indexes into a single one

I am currently trying to reduce the number of shards on the cluster by reindexing our indices. We are of course also reviewing the indices so we can adjust the templates so that the daily indices will be created with the number of shards they really need.

What am I trying to do is reindex more then one index into a single one :

POST _reindex?&refresh
"source": {
"index": ["index-a-2019.04.0*", "index-b-2019.04.0*"]
"dest": {
"index": "new-index-2019.04-w1"

For some reason the process starts without a problem but will stop after a while before reindexing all of the documents.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Hi @TheEvilDonut,

I am unable to spot the problem, as far as I can see this looks OK. Did you check the log files for any errors or warnings?

It might make sense to try to figure out if the error is triggered by a specific document, by trying to reindex one index at a time.

Also, the version of ES in use could be relevant.

Thank you. At least that confirms that my syntax is correct. :slight_smile:

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