Reingest Winlogbeat Events through Logstash

Not really sure where to put this question since it involves a lot of different parts of the stack....

I am currently ingesting windows event logs from a server --> logstash --> elasticsearch. I have modified my logstash pipeline and now need to reingest all the events that have been indexed in elasticsearch.

I initially started to use the scroll API to bulk export the events and then save the contents of the message field to be reingested using a file input. However, looking at the exported message field, it looks like this:

More information for the event entry with Instance ID 120a2df6-3bdd-43f5-a25d-252b58ca1969. There may be more events with the same Instance ID with more information. 

Instance ID: 
Caller identity: 

Obviously, this is problematic because it's not on a single line. So I guess the question is, what's the data look like as it comes into Logstash from winlogbeat? Is there a way I can have these events reingested through Logstash?

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