Related ES 5.3 buffer memory issue

I am using ES 5.3 version with high level REST client. When am requesting lengthy description its showing exception like

[ERROR|2020-07-21 11:37:23.971|VACS|37891724|VACS-27229170-20200721:113703-963|hsbc-search-service]
{org.apache.http.ContentTooLongException: entity content is too long [129995146]
for the configured buffer limit [104857600]

can we try to configure yaml file and can increase buffer size upto 150mb which is by default 100mb ??
We can configure it in REST method on code level ??

The max content length is set in the cluster config through the http.max_content_length parameter. Sending very large requests like that can however affect the cluster negatively. Why are your HTTP requests so large?

Request generated response containing large amount of data causes this issue. So couldn't understand how to solve this issue on ES side.

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