Relocation of shards didn't happen as expected

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I am following the below link to understand the ES index roll operation.

My setup consists of following nodes:

  • 1 client node
  • 3 master nodes
  • 3 data nodes

Only change which i have done is relocating the active-logs-1 index to cold nodes which in my case is (hdd) using the following command since the command giving in link was not working for me.

  "index.blocks.write": true,
  "index.routing.allocation.include.box_type": "hdd"

After this relocation happened successfully on data-node-3 which is tagged as hdd but it has created replica also for inactive-logs* which I was not expecting as per template which I used to create inactive index. PLease find the attached screenshot showing inactive-logs-* with replica I was expecting it to only show the primary replica on data-node-3 Note: I have not yet followed the steps to create replica of inactive-logs-* as mentioned in link.

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