Remote reindexing time based indices


I'm reindexing from a remote 1.7.3 cluster to a 5.2.0 one.
I'd like to reindex all time based indices, without having to do it one at a time.
I tried the example from the documentation and it works perfectly. However, I'd like to keep the same index name, so I simply tried removing the + '-1' from the script. Doing so does not work, and the new index name is metricbeat instead of metricbeat-2016.05.02. I also tried to simply use this script: "inline": "ctx._index = ctx._index" which has the same effect.

Any idea on how I could solve this?

Is the problem maybe that there is a sanity check that detects index_name is the same in source and destination?

I'm planning on adding this functionality into Curator 5.1.

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