Remove event.original from logstash as it comes in every document of logstash version 8.8.2(ECS)

Hello All,

I am facing major issue with logstash after migration from 7.9.1 to 8.8.2 version.
Elasticsearch/Logstash 8.X version has ECS compatibility enabled by default.This adds new field
event.original in every document indexed in elasticsearch from logstash.
To ignore above field i.e event.original we've added pipeline.ecs_compatibility: disabled in logstash.yml and it eliminates required field.

But it also eliminates other necessary fields like value is required by us)
Plz suggest us some solution how to handle this .


You could use

mutate { remove_field => [ "event" ] }


mutate { remove_field => [ "[event][original]" ] }

Hello @Badger ,

Thanx for your quick response,I will test with this and check if this resolves.

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