Remove old incidies and back it up

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Hello all

I'm pretty new on Elasticsearch. I'm looking for a way to backup old indicies. I'm trying this with curator.
It is like a hot/cold setup.
I know, it looks like straight forward and easy evry-day-task - but I get struggeling all the times :frowning:

The goal should be, that old indicies should be backed up on an other disk / fs-path - without indexing. And of course the possibility to restore them later for any research task.
A snapshot is not the way I would like to go; if I restore the snapshot all new documents will be lost, right?

The indices are named like dev-elastic-2018.07.20 (.20 is #week) and would be nice, if I can backup it with that name.

Is there any best-practice for it?

thank you

(Akhilesh Singh) #2

Hi @rog_NB

Yes, you are right if you restore the indices from snapshot your all new documents will be lost. it means there is no process restore with merge in elasticsearch curator.

However, there is an alternative i.e. you can restore that index with new name and then use same alias for both indices to search.

Hope it will help you.


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