Remove pre-filter phase in search

from this issue

Thanks for @jimczi ,Please correct me if there is any mistake.i think it only reduce the search thread pool usage doesn't seem very helpful,Coordinate node will limit maximum number of concurrent shard requests the search API will execute per node for the request. defined by max_concurrent_shard_requests parameter. and the other is in queue. if there is no pre-filter ,more thread rejection will happen?

if there is no pre-filter ,more thread rejection will happen?

That's one possibility, the other one is that nodes that consumes all threads in the search pool will delay the response time if we have to wait for a thread before checking if a query can match or not.
I also explained in the issue that we use this phase for other means, pre-sorting shards for instance.
I wonder what's your concern regarding this phase ?

no ,that's no concern regarding this phase,i just thinking the significance for this phase,except for search time.thanks for reply :+1:

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