Remove traceparent header from http request

Hello, I have a need in one place where I create an HttpClient and send requests, remove the "traceparent", "tracestate" headers, in other places I want to keep them.
I tried removing them via DefaultRequestHeaders and also via creating my own DiagnosticListener, the second option was able to remove tracestate but traceparent remains

P.S. I need it because I send a request to a third-party API, which does not want to get these headers

Hi @SleepyF0X , welcome to our forum !

We recently added disable_outgoing_tracecontext_headers configuration option in the java agent (and maybe some other agents as well), but that would only disable context propagation as a whole, and I don't know if it's already implemented in dotnet.

You seem to be able to remove the tracestate but you are unable to do the same with traceparent , is my understanding correct ?
I am not familiar with the dotnet agent at all, but this behavior seems a bit odd as the HTTP headers are likely written at the same time and with very similar code paths.

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