Removing elastic-user Secret from K8s Secrets

When we create an Elasticsearch resource, the credentials for the "elastic" user are created and stored in the kubernetes secrets, with the name "-es-elastic-user"

Is it safe to delete this k8s secret? Does the system have any dependency on this secret?
What about the other secrets like ca-certs, internal-users, etc?

My goal is to use a different secret store (Azure Keyvault) to store the secrets. The Azure keyvault csi driver can be used to only read secrets and mount it as a volume to the containers, but not write secrets to keyvault by the eck operator.

If you delete this secret, it will be recreated automatically by the operator.
This secret is intended as a way for users to discover the password of the default elastic user that has been created for them. It is not mounted in any Pod by the operator.

Thanks for the input. How does the operator create the secret ?
Is there a way to create the secret elsewhere and not k8s secret ?

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