Elastic user password change in kubernetes secret

I have elasticsearch ,kiabana,logstash,filebeat in kuberentes. All use the same elasatic username and password as ENV variables from the secret .yaml. I want to change the password for the elastic user . After I change the password in secret yaml how should all the pods start using a new password from secret without any issues.
Also how is it possible pod start using the new password with restart of pods.


From your message I'm not sure that you are using ECK, or maybe partially? Assuming that you're using ECK there is no need to manage users for the Stack components. It is done automatically by the ECK operator. I would suggest to try it by yourself on your Kubernetes cluster by following the quickstart: Deploy ECK in your Kubernetes cluster | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.7] | Elastic

Hope it helps.

Thank you.
We have installed all components through helm chart . Using sealed secret for elastic user credentials . In production If I want to change the password for elastic admin user should I need to restart the elasticsearch cluster and other pods to get the new password . Is there any other way to get the new password for all pods.

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