Removing GREEDYDATA from Filter leaves empty "curly brace" at result?

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hello Folks,
i have following issue, i am using Grok filter with GREEDYDATA wich i want to remove(drop it of) out of my result, this is what i used , but at result it is still giving me an empty curly brace {} wich i do not want to get it in my Result,
logfile example,
abcdefg Final Hello

i want to get as result just Hello, nothing else, see my Filter,

grok {
match => [ "message" , "%{GREEDYDATA} Final %{WORD:word}"]
mutate {remove_field => ["message","tags","host',"@timestamp","@version"]}

At Result it should give me just
{"word" : "Hello"}
but it gives me as follow,
{"word" : "Hello"}

How can i remove this empty "{}"


Are you saying that logstash produces that result? Is that the output from a rubydebug codec? Which version are you running?

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that is my all output about, i am using losgstash-6.3.1 version,
output {
file {
path => "C:\Users\samyo\Desktop\ELK\outputtest.log"
codec => line
i did not use the rubydebug .
the empty {} was full with "message , "@version", "host" etc, wich i deleted with mutate filter.
after deleting those , it stills print me an empty {} as result , how can i remove it from end result.


The empty {} represents an event from which you have removed all the fields. If you want to ignore lines that do not match the grok filter you could use

if "_grokparsefailure" in [tags] { drop {} }

after the grok filter.

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thank you Badger , it works , you are the best :slight_smile: .
thx .

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