Removing last letter of a word - but only some words?

Hi there, elastic-people :slight_smile:

Im new to Elastic, basically working on already implemented settings, where i try to adapt index-setting to my needs.

Right now im working specific with an elasticsearch-extension from Mirasvit (Elasticsuite Ultimate) for Magento 2 - and here i right now face a problem with my search - specific with the last letter on some of the words in my search.

Here a short brief of what im experiencing at the moment:

I can find results when searching for:
Skruelågsgla (When you use autocomplete, you can see there's lots of products showing names with "Skruelågsglas")

But when i add "an ending" (primarily in plural) - the search won't return any products even though productname or one of my searchable attribute definitely has the exact word.
Pumpeslanger ('r' makes it plural)
Indsatse ('e' makes it plural)
Skruelågsglas (Here, its actually just the correct word)

The current index-settings are right now:
'analysis' => [
'analyzer' => [
'custom' => [
'type' => 'custom',
'tokenizer' => 'whitespace',
'filter' => [
'local_stemmer', (OBS: Sets danish_analyzer for my danish-storeview)
'filter' => [
'local_stemmer' => [
'type' => 'stemmer',
'language' => $this->config->getStemmer($dimension),
'word' => [
'type' => 'word_delimiter',
'generate_word_parts' => false,
'generate_number_parts' => false,
'catenate_words' => false,
'catenate_numbers' => false,
'catenate_all' => false,
'split_on_case_change' => false,
'preserve_original' => true,
'split_on_numerics' => false,
'stem_english_possessive' => false,

Furthermore, i've set up a an regex-expression for my search to:
Match expression: /[a-z][ -][0-9]/i
Replace expression: /[ -]/

This is to make it possible to find my SKU-numbers with/without use of space - but this doesn't seem to be the issue based on my tests.

Hoping you guys can help me out.

Kindly regards

I can see that you have already configured a stemmer which should do what you want. Do you query the correct field an can you maybe run an explain query to show what happens to the query terms

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