Removing .marvel indices from elasticsearch




I have removed marvel plugin from all of my ES Nodes using bin/plugin --remove marvel. Doing bin/plugin --list is also not showing the marvel plugin. But I am still seeing indices of type .marvel-2015.09.02 indices. Can you let me know how to get rid of marvel indices being created?

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curl -XDELETE host:9200/.marvel-* will do it.


My question was not clear .

I meant even after removing marvel plug-in & deleting all .marvel indices it is still creating today's index.

curl -XDELETE es-client:9200/.marvel-*

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Then you have marvel installed somewhere still.

Check _cat/plugins and make sure you restarted the node(s) after removing the plugin.


Ohk I just removed the bin/plugin --remove marvel as mentioned here. I did not restart the node. I think the page should be updated to add this restarting of node information to help newbies.

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Fair point, I'll arrange to get this fixed :slight_smile:

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Thanks @warkolm.

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