Rename index name

I rebuilding a index. When I finish the rebuilding, I need to rename it.
How can i do that using NEST v5.4?

Thanks in advance!

You can check the solution here: SOLUTION

As such there is no direct method to rename index in ES (I did search extensively for my own project). Rather you can do the re-index to different name and then delete old one.

Refer this :

and if you can't REINDEX a workaround is to use aliases.

First of all thanks for your answer.

I already try using Re-index. I check this [EXAMPLE] (
However i cant do that on the lastest version of NEST (v5.4).

Using JSON it works perfectly, but not on my code.
Example of my code:

var observable1 = client.Reindex<dynamic>(oldIndexName, newIndexName, r => r.MatchAll());

Can you provide me some example on C#/Java using NESTv5.4?

Can you provide me a example using some API (Java/C#)?

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